5 Holiday Nightmares and How to Fix Them



Ah the holidays. The time of good cheer and revelry is rapidly approaching and with it the certainty of joyous family reunions, hassle-free travel and glorious gift giving. If only! We all know that as much as the holidays can be filled with love and laughter they can also be packed with problems like delayed flights and marathon last minute shopping sprees.

Yet help for holiday woes can be found in surprising places. As you rack up that spending on your credit cards, it’s important to remember that those cards can be a source of relief rather than debt. Here are five holiday nightmares and how your Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card can help solve them.

1. You’ve exceeded your spending limit before you’ve checked everyone off your gift-giving list:

Don’t despair! Now’s the perfect time to use some of those points you’ve been saving up. Check out how many points you have and see what you can get via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, which offers travel, gift cards, merchandise and more.

2. You’re on your way to a family dinner with the in-laws and your car broke down (and you’ve got the quickly defrosting turkey in the trunk!):

While not free (there is a nominal charge of $59.95) 24-hour roadside assistance is available to cardholders throughout the US and Canada and includes towing, lost key assistance and gas replacement. If the car can’t be fixed asap, you can also rent a replacement knowing you’ll save a bundle by not buying the rental company’s collision insurance. As long as you charge the vehicle to your Chase Sapphire Preferred and decline the collision insurance, you’ll be covered at no extra cost.

3. You’re at the airport ready to board a flight to the Bahamas for a vacation to escape the winter blues when you see that most dreaded “D” word — Delayed!

Grab a good book and get comfy. If, however, your flight is delayed longer than 12 hours or if you must book an overnight stay at a hotel the Chase Sapphire Preferred has you covered. You and your family will be covered for un-reimbursed expenses like accommodation and meals up to $500 each ticket.

4. You’ve finally made it to the Bahamas but your luggage didn’t!

Take a deep breath and head to the nearest store because your credit card will reimburse you for essential purchases, such as toiletries and clothing, for baggage delays that are at least six hours long. You’re eligible for $100 a day for five days.

5. That $1000 flat-screen TV you just bought your fiancée’s family for Christmas is advertised for several hundred dollars less at a competitor:

Fear not, even if the store you bought it from won’t price match the difference, Sapphire offers Price Protection. If a purchase you put on your card is advertised within 90 days for less online or in print, you may be reimbursed for the price difference up to $500 per item (up to $2,500 annually).

While credit cards are often infamous for the trouble they can get overly enthusiastic shoppers into during the holiday season, it’s nice to know they can also be an asset in a holiday emergency.

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