#2: Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo Earphones, IPX5 Splash Proof Secure Fit for Sports with Built in Mic TT-BH07


A Solid set of quality earphones!
By Mycroft on July 3, 2017
Color: black

After spending some time with this product, here is my review of the MOOV 28 by VAVA.

• The VAVA MOOV 28’s come well presented in a box along with;
– 3 pairs of Earbuds (2 Small, 2 Medium and 2 Large)
– 3 pairs of Ear Hooks (Matching sizes for the accompanying earbuds)
– 1 Shirt Clip
– 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable
– 1 Mesh Carrying Bag
– 1 User Manual and Thank You card from VAVA.

• Overall Build and Design.
When I first picked up these earphones the first thing I noticed was just how light they were, weighing in at 10g (give or take a couple grams), this was a very pleasant surprise seeing as it’s made with aluminium and robust plastic
The design is very nice and features a tangle-free cable which connects the two earpieces together.
The earphones come pre-fitted with medium buds and hooks, but I swapped those out for the smaller size, which resulted in a very snug and stable fit (Your ears will vary). They even stayed firmly in my ears during fast, long runs.
As these are very good at noise cancelling I didn’t fancy leaving them in my ears whilst on the way back from my sports activities as I like to be well aware of my surroundings, and that’s where the built-in magnets really shined through, as soon as I was done with the earphones I took them out my ears, let them fall around my neck, and the magnets kept them safely in place like a necklace.
It’s a good thing these are IPX5 Splashproof, as I managed to work up quite a sweat while using these and it’s always nice to have the reassurance that you’re not damaging your equipment in these situations.
The last thing to mention when it comes to design; is the control pad. This is where you will find all of the buttons which allow you to play/pause a track, switch between tracks, raise/lower the volume and accept and end calls, all from the comfort of this panel. It’s also where you will find the charging port which has a plastic cover over it to keep out dust, water or sweat.

• Sound Quality and Usage.
So these are sports headphones and they are also wireless, so in my eyes, they can get away with maybe not having quite as much on the low end as I would have liked, but I am a total bass head, so this is probably just me being picky. Having said that, they are surprisingly very good on the mids and highs. Overall, the sound quality is top notch as long as you’re not as picky as I am. In terms of battery life, I managed to pull roughly around 7.8 hours of usage from it, and you can fully charge this in just under 2 hours which is pretty impressive considering how much life you’re getting out of it.
Lastly, in this section I’d like to mention just how good the Bluetooth 4.1 connection is. Whilst in my “Man-Bag” (roughly 4 feet away from the headset) there was no apparent connection loss, with calls being crisp and clear.

• Final Notes.
If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of wireless sports earphones, then this might be the buy for you.
There really isn’t much competition when it comes to what you get for how much you pay in this league.
I’ve tested many wireless earphones in my time, even with that I would still recommend this to anyone with confidence, because it’s a quality product that I can trust, and I hope you can too.

• If this review has helped influence your decision in regards to buying this product, then I would really appreciate a thumbs up as a thank you for my time on writing this review!
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